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I'm just curious - if you can charge directly to a credit card, why would you still want to top-up a prepaid card in fixed denominations like EzLink/NETS Flashpay cards do? The need to regularly top up a prepaid card, and in fixed denominations no less, makes it very inconvenient, when compared to charging directly to the credit card, isn't it?
yes i prefer cc for apple pay.
dunno why kenchi keep wanting suica and prepaid cards and top ups.

i'm quite happy with the current apple watch implementation. (assume after the closed trial, GTM machine can be used for the registration)
just need to find out how to tap the watch efficiently with high successful rate, most importantly without jamming up the queue.
because during peak hrs, ppl using physical cards can clear the gate as fast as 3p/sec. that's what i saw during the 1st day using mobile abt. lol.
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