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Suica is a prepaid card system on Sony felica I believe. But I don't mean that prepaid card can be added.

Currently on mobile payment platform, only nfc ezlink card and MasterCard are supported.

There are methods to prevent both from clashing, refer to faq for details.

Unlike Apple pay, Samsung pay is said to be easier once transport card is set, cos it doesn't require authentication and should work like nfc ezlink. Haven't test out this feature yet but was already documented on faq since March 2018 update.

Since this is an apple pay thread, I won't be sharing much on Samsung pay but will share it in Samsung forums once trial is open to public..

but suica style also means it's a prepaid transit card (ezlink/flashpay) with top ups, without touch/face id.
so samsung pay can add both prepaid and credit cards as transit cards? what if u accidentally tap transit credit card at merchant?
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