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got certain truth to this.
i can do many great throws and most shake once or twice then pop out. on my last ball, i throw just normal... not even nice. I cried out SH!T! then... shake... shake........ shake... starssss!

well. ive learn from my rayquza experiences. this is just my observation.
if u throw excellent. or whatever throw. there is no shake or 1 shake only

the next ball. u try to throw another bouns throw. if that one got 2 shake. either u stick to that throw or u then change back to ex or great throw. n see if there is 2 shake.

becos my ray n alot high iv is like that. last time i just whack all excellent
first ball no shake or 1 shake. even i hoot 13 ball all excellent. no shake means no shake. n it will eventually flee. (if i recall. i have 2x90 raikou 3x 90 ray flee from me. becos ego. i can throw ex why must i go for lesser. so. no shake means no shake. n they all flee)

my kaki all experience the same thing. even i watch youtube. u see them throw excellent. no shake or 1 shake. then they miss a throw. ie no bouns or nice.
it will catch.

concidence or nt. i nt sure. but. after i realize n use the "trick?" "method"?
my catch rate even higher now.

i also try out. myself n my many fren. once no shake. i ask them to do another throw. they caught it too.

just sharing. dont take my words for it. u can try n see if it works for u

( but of cos la. there is no 100%. sometimes nt urs means nt urs) haha.

for references. if u got follow PN or Reservsal video. there is a video PN encounter 100% ray. he throw all excellent. all no shake. last ball. he miss excellent.. throw a no bouns. n caught it.

resevsal entei.. excellent all the way. from first ball to last ball. no shake. flee. 10+ ball he has i remb.

alot example also if u watch mystic7 trainertips etc etc.
no shake great or ex. next ball they "cock" up. real or nt. dontknow.
but. caught it. lol
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