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According to FAQ, users will get notification once it's ready for use?

"Why is that I am successfully registered but cannot seem to tap my mobile wallet for fare payment?
Please ensure that you have received notification from TransitLink that your mobile wallet is ready for fare payments, and check that your mobile device is not in close proximity to another contactless card or device to avoid card clash."
this FAQ is inaccurate.....

i receive no notification and i still can use......i think they skip and don't bother sending notification
it seems i have difficulty in tapping my mobile wallet which according to the FAQ is maybe due to card clash ....etc...etc

but in fact is the card reader problem.......sometimes need to tap multiple time only it will success....cannot be i need to wait 7 working days or receive notification only it will work in 1 tap right?

i have been using it even before the 7 days.......all can go through but with alot of difficulty...

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