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Finding it a chore to even play now. The interest generated from quest contents only lasted like 2 over weeks. This is despite not even doing the battle 10 raid hack before it was locked down.

The hatch 5 eggs rewards seems good at first but then it's only a baby chansey even if you were to get a perfect specimen. Would you even spend the candies and dust on it?

To bring back interest, there should be more team challenges or pvp. And perhaps an in game chat channel that will facilitate in game communication instead of relying on 3rd party chat app. Gym and raid also needs to be revamped as it's boring like hell just tapping and swiping incessantly like some siao lang
Agree. Spoofers who managed to survive the latest ban will stop playing now. Good luck to those Level 5 raid before/during office hour. Don't think many will risk their rice bowl and keep declaring tea break to fight nearby raid. If no spoofers, the most legit player, Mr Hello can do his L5 raid at Chinese/Japanese Garden?

7/9 of my acc dio perm ban includes L40 account. Surprisingly I didn't feel very sad. Just feel OK lor, life goes on.

I am wondering anyone who use Tutu union hack only tio this perm ban. If not, then it should be the R70 fault. Put wrong trust on R70 developers. I want to say very sorry to those forumer who followed my post to use R70 and tio perm ban.
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