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Lack of air support is one factor another is lack of maps. It will not be easy to raid legit without maps.
The 3rd factor is the stupid daylight saving timing - this really handicap an office hour player.

If I’m lucky to see a raid hatching when on the way to work or during lunch maybe it is possible to play but after work most of the time I leave office is after 7 already no more raids. If only they revert to the previous timing.

If this permaban wave is true, then it will spell doom to ez-mode+fuss-free raiding in SG liaoz.... Even EX-raid gym like Vivocity, if no air-support and no raid-tracker, u can maybe only get 1 or 2 max lobbies at the start, and no more liaoz....Those neighbourhood gyms will be even more jialat.....

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