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If this permaban wave is true, then it will spell doom to ez-mode+fuss-free raiding in SG liaoz.... Even EX-raid gym like Vivocity, if no air-support and no raid-tracker, u can maybe only get 1 or 2 max lobbies at the start, and no more liaoz....Those neighbourhood gyms will be even more jialat.....

From my experience since map down, neighbourhood is still ok.
Because got many uncles and aunties and also lots of people who can see level is happening and can gather within a short time. Typically within first 10 minutes of raid still can have enough people.

Last week on one of the day around 1:30 pm I was at Toa Payoh and saw a level 5 raid going to start at a gym in a park along Lorong 5. I went to the gym and saw > 40 people raiding. I was shocked because even when got map and got spoofers this was not common. I think that gym must be a ex raid gym.

Last Friday on my way home saw a level 5 raid happening at ex-raid gym in a park in Woodlands, I reached there with 15 minutes left and joined the lobby with 6 and ended up with 12.

It's the non-neighbourhood gyms and the smaller neighbourhood gyms that has low number of people. No map spoofer also won't know got raid going on.

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