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Actually just because there are a lot of spoofers here doesn’t mean majority are spoofers. Of course the game wasn’t as hyped compared to initial period but that is only expected.

There are Also some ppl who play both spoofing and legit. My Cousin play legit when on the way to work via bus and spoof last time on tutu at home because she needs to look after her baby so can’t afford to run out. After the recent sb and recovery her only difference is can’t play from home via spoofing but she still play on the legit pogo app while on bus to work

this episode has shown that

1. sponsors > players

2. there are more legit players than spoofers

why my conclusion in point 2?

this is a server side ban
which means NN knew exactly how many accounts will be banned
the business mind in them will only proceed with the ban if it doesnt significantly hurt them which means there really isnt as many spoofers in the whole population as some will choose to believe.

Thats why they were not afraid to PB

its comical how some people think NN will shoot themselves in the foot (by banning). NN already worked out the scenarios before pulling the plug.
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