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Actually just because there are a lot of spoofers here doesnít mean majority are spoofers. Of course the game wasnít as hyped compared to initial period but that is only expected.

There are Also some ppl who play both spoofing and legit. My Cousin play legit when on the way to work via bus and spoof last time on tutu at home because she needs to look after her baby so canít afford to run out. After the recent sb and recovery her only difference is canít play from home via spoofing but she still play on the legit pogo app while on bus to work
Like me lo. Half - half, half legit, half spoofer. Go out with friends will pa legit. In bus in cab in train also legit. At home nothing to do see a 100% in JB... hmm..

Most people here are like this, just that they won't admit they are spoofer. They feel it's a "throw face" thing.
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