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Registered at city hall this afternoon 4pm (met a couple bros there)

Worked when I tap in mrt at 6pm. My station has the "newer" gantry so I thought why not try.
Tap out boon Keng no issues.
Went dhoby for dinner also no issues.

COME BACK tap out mrt no problem.
Transfer to bus GG gone case.

So if your trips are purely mrt, go ahead and try. But I wasted money today playing around because I boarded the bus with my Ez link card.
i was there around 6ish.
the scanning was quite fast on the nfc reader during registration.
they sort of know the nfc location of iphone X and adjusted the top of my phone to the middle of the reader. i hear few successive beeps and the green light came on.

Then i went on to register my apple watch. i just lean it on the reader without touching it and could also hear the successive beeps and green light.

i did not try after that cos they told me need to wait 7 days

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