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new pokestops...gym name changes and some pokestops removed cos the things/art display are no longer there in real life
NN does update themselves


I need one ditto also

Picked up this daily research to catch a ditto for 1500 SD

Seems like a new research

Found another good easy one to use berries 5 times for 5 great balls

Think they starting to add new research as people getting bored.
no bad, new tasks and rewards, but anything for balls and berries, i trash it straight, unless its like 10pkm or weather boosted pkm

been attempting 3 excellent in a row task for few days, still cannot complete

tempted to get rid of it

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easy to achieve with the whilmer and bigger pkm

I have a query, do any of you complete the "Spin 3 Spin 3 Pokestops you haven't visited before" quest or just trash it?

Is it likely that the pokestop will become "New" again after a certain length of time? if so, anyone here can enlighten me on the magic number?
this is easy if u move around. u never play pkm while u are at tt place before, run app, spin and get it done
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