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Just to share that for Technical Engineer Diploma (TED), the only local university you can only go to is NUS part time for Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Programmes [which is different from full time Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)] as what ITE claim. However I have problem finding TED admission information in NUS website for BTech.

So study full time TED do lose out to full time Polytechnic Diploma for entering to local universities.
Dont waste time doing full time studies at degree. not worth it.
their requirement is you need to have a polytechnic diploma or its EQUIVALENT,
with 2 years of working experience. Having a skill future ( i think) will be advantageous.

To be technical enough... the graduates from TED has went to SIM to further their part time studies, if other school, case by case basis by doing an entrance exam as they recognise this diploma.

I might try to do on the other countries too. worth doing so.

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