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I have read these 2 threads.

1) Nickzz claim that 'also apply for german uni cos got two certs, one from MOE local and other one from German MOE'. To be more detail is one is awarded from ITE while another one is from Baden-Wuittembreg (Only represent a state MOE in Germany and not the whole Germany). Did not read that he is going to apply to that TUM Asia or even get into the university. TUM Asia also did not state that they recognized TED.

2) Why should I waste 2.5 years studying TED in ITE when I can just study Diploma from private school and went overseas for university studies?
1. the certificate to pursue for germany is only given if you have 1.5 years of experience in the industry. The transcript and diploma in english version is given for completion and pass of modules. it was stated unclearly.

2. 2.5years is for culinary arts. ( Inclusive of internship.)
2 years is all engineering course.
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