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I don't understand what you are trying to express.

For part time NUS BTech course, they needs applicants to have at least 2 years of full-time work experience apart from polytechnic diploma. For full time NUS BEng, they only needs applicants to have good GPA results from polytechnic diploma and do not needs any year of full-time work experience.

What is 'skill future'? Do you mean Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)?

TED only have 3 courses namely Culinary Arts, Automotive Engineering and Machine Technology but SIM GE do not have any relevant courses. I don't think TED is recognize by SUSS (Used to known as UniSIM). So what courses did TED graduates take up in 'SIM'?

For private schools, most likely you can enter as long as you have money. So TED don't really play an important part for entering distance learning degree courses in private schools.

Dont waste time doing full time studies at degree. not worth it.
their requirement is you need to have a polytechnic diploma or its EQUIVALENT,
with 2 years of working experience. Having a skill future ( i think) will be advantageous.

To be technical enough... the graduates from TED has went to SIM to further their part time studies, if other school, case by case basis by doing an entrance exam as they recognise this diploma.

I might try to do on the other countries too. worth doing so.
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