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Cause ITE partnership with Institut Paul Bocuse (French culinary school) for Culinary Arts and Carl Benz Schule in Gaggenau, Germany [but certificate awarded by Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (MEYS), Baden-Wϋrttemberg, Germany] for Automotive Engineering and Machine Technology.

From my understanding for TED, internship (for experience) is a MUST before you can graduate with certificate from ITE. So in a way, it is like you pass internship mean 2 certificate and if you fail mean no certificate at all.

1. the certificate to pursue for germany is only given if you have 1.5 years of experience in the industry. The transcript and diploma in english version is given for completion and pass of modules. it was stated unclearly.

2. 2.5years is for culinary arts. ( Inclusive of internship.)
2 years is all engineering course.
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