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One classic example of a naive debtor who thinks he can compromise with the UML

Naive debtor : Eh... look i already pay you $1000 already. You already earn $200 from me. We are good ok ?

Ah Long : huh ? The $200 no count, you have to pay another 4 more weeks of $200

Naive debtor : Wah lau dont like that lah, ok i pay u another $200 ok ? You good i good

Ah Long : Haha .... NO !

Naive debtor : If no then i call police and you wont even get a single cent from me !!!

Ah Long : Wahahahahahaha ...... ok. you call lor. tomorrow i dont see the $200 i send ppl up to your house !

Naive debtor : ok how about this, one short settle all $400 ?

Ah Long : Hmmm... ok $400 tonight then we good.

Naive debtor : swee, u steady i steady

Naive debtor transferred $400

One week later, naive debtor receive phone call from ah long

Ah Long : eh, where my $200 ?

Naive debtor : what ? i thought we last week settle all liao ?

Ah Long : settle your head lah, last week is for the interest only. today u must pay $200.

Naive debtor : i call police

Ah long : woooooo... ok.. i very scare... urine in pants liao.

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