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I may have to resort to this. He has no sign of turning back. I suppose this is the last life line that I can hold him on.

I appreciate all advice given.
I dont know if there are any old fashion ah long who still go via the physical verifying of IC. But dont think so ..... using Singpass is the easiest and fastest and confirm way of verification. So ya, take away his Singpass password or OTP.

Also if he is working, you need to go to and apply for a DNL (Do Not Lend) for your friend in case he go and approach those licensed money lender

Even though you have taken measures to prevent him from lending from those UML or ML, when a man is desperate for money, he will find many ways to get "fast cash".

Example :

Signing of telco lines and then get the subsides phones and sell them away.

Applying credit cards and temporary increase credit limits.

Pawn his jewellery, rolex, sell his iphone X

Borrow from friends and relatives

Involved in illegal activities

Scam online strangers

**Writing from experience. Been there, done that.**
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