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I am probably one of the few who almost never topy my leather sole shoes.
If it comes with Dainite or vibram when i bought them, fine.
But if i buy a pair of leather sole shoes, i like them that way.

It feels more comfortable, the shoes breathe better.

Yes, i risk slipping once in a while in an oily kopitiam or wet granite floor. But vibram will also wear out and become slippery too.

Anyone else go 'commando'?
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I prefer to topy... more of a practical man and slipping can be dangerous and not just embarrassing. Worn out topy can be replaced easily but resoling can be a big headache as not all makers will accept resoling, meaning you end up going to 3rd parties to resole and the result may not be good. Of course, for GYW shoes one can also argue that the filling will break down and will require a re-welt.
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