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Yes, I go commando my friend. 💪

Leather is a natural material and should be allowed to breathe, considering how much moisture our feet are subject to. A layer of rubber is only going to impede that and IMHO, will lead to the structural integrity of the shoe being compromised in the long run. My only concession to ‘stability’ and ‘prolonged wear’ is getting metal toe taps attached - I try as far as possible to get this done when brand new and by the original maker.

If you really need that layer, go for vibram it dainite doles from the outset.

I am probably one of the few who almost never topy my leather sole shoes.
If it comes with Dainite or vibram when i bought them, fine.
But if i buy a pair of leather sole shoes, i like them that way.

It feels more comfortable, the shoes breathe better.

Yes, i risk slipping once in a while in an oily kopitiam or wet granite floor. But vibram will also wear out and become slippery too.

Anyone else go 'commando'?
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