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Iím more impressed that wo maps and trackers u can still hoot 40 and havenít reach end of latias cycle too.

Nowadays wo trackers hard to know where got lvl5 egg spawn. Afternoon went lunch saw a lvl 3 jynx left 1min I throw my daily pass and solo it coz 2 days didnít use Liao.

Just now leaving work saw latias left 31mins and some folks battling Liao but no one left for another round so I walk off
around my hse... already has 5 gym... on a off day.. if i nv go out. 5 gym.. usually 3-4? lvl5 egg.. sometimes even more..

not counting sometimes.. kaki jio to go raid.. becos they drive.. n we have enough to private lobby it. so.. things are easier.
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