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No? this feature is entirely different from suica and i guess you're thinking too much into it.

eVoucher is like a prepaid credits which can be registered to your own CAN, or another recipient's CAN. It is not an automatic process, as a physical card is needed to top up from GTM, AVM or transitlink office.

This is more useful for school going children topping up their cepas card and even for elderly. You will also find this useful for tourists with local friends who can lend their own ezlink to their friends.

This eVoucher thingy has been in force since 2015 and its not a new system. This feature is new cos its just being incorporated into the app and is made available for public. Previously, this eVoucher feature was used by the government to issue transport credits for not-so-well-to-do households with school going children..
Oh, so basically if I buy an eVoucher for my ezlink card, I'll still have to go to one of those machine to claim the credits, as if i'm topping up my ezlink card?
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