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I didnt notice the error msg, only the reader turned red. Peak hour I didnt want to hold up the queue, so changed to use ny card instead.

I double tapped on my home button to have my card appears on screen before I let read scan. Not sure if this is correct? Or I no need to do anythibg just move phone nead reader when it is sleep?
i think it's the "Card Failed" error.
today i also encountered card failed error on mrt. seems like some not-so-good readers will give card failed error more easily. this does not mean your card not supported, just reader error.
my iphone just reached the reader and it gave card failed error 2 times with 2 error beeps. re-tap also same. then i changed another gantry, it showed red light first then immediately green light with "bank card usage".

this shows that the reader's phone/watch data reading algo still very buggy. they really need to improve it to read the card data more steadily.
also when the 1st attempt failed, seems like the reader will always fail and can't recover. must change another gantry to get green light.
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