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It seems IPhone failure rate is higher than my Gear S3 using bus

I rarely get card error, most of the time is either read within a sec, or no read at all

The only time I get card error is when if I remove my watch I think maybe to quickly
it depends on the reader. i always use that same mrt reader everyday because it is left-most or right-most and most ppl use it.
if use those at center less ppl ones normally are good.
also cannot compare bus readers with mrt readers as they may be diff.

feel like today's error is due to the reader not able to switch between cepas and cc. the cepas reader picked up the iphone hence gave card error immediately. because credit card readers normally have half a sec delay, so seems like cc reader is not working in this case.

also we are not sure whether cepas and cc sensors are same or separate. if they are separate, the iphone need to point at the cc sensor, not cepas sensor.
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