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So complicated.. This mobile abt is suppose to help us not to stress us.. �� everytime I walk past the gate I am forced to pay unnecessary attention like check if my finger moist because of sweating or not, checking touch id working or not, have to choose less crowded gate (preferably the left or right most one) in case I need to repeat scanning etc.. And even with all precaution above, sometimes it STILL failed.
Haiyo, really tempted to go back using card, so hassle free compared to this..
After using for 2 wks, I realized that the fail rate is quite high. Make me feel kinda stress each time waiting to tap in or out in mrt or when taking bus.
I been jamming queues when exiting most of the time.

So since last Monday, I decided to revert back to use my cc liao. Although need take out card, but process is stress-less.
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