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not fated then... it happens..
alot of my 95 98% iv flees too.
only seen 2 x100% legendary thus far.. the good. i caught both. the bad. ive did 600 legendary now.
My only 100% legendary is Groudon, which is actually quite decent.

This would be my 2nd 100% if not for the lag, which out of 9 balls, caused me 3 missed balls ( 1 was late throw so kena double-attack ), 1 missed the bonus, so only 5 mid-size great curve throws, but not enough.

Anyway, not that disappointed coz Latias isn't one I would wanna power up too hahah. Plus already kena a 15/13/15. Latios is a better candidate if I wanna upz another DB/DC dragon-type for this gen.

Next gen got even better dragons, so not worth to upz these 2 Eon duo too.
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