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Somehow I find holding 2 phones playing 2 accounts having to do everything 2x is very tiring and not enjoyable

Think will leave my baby account in the background (currently level 20 after 3 days) and just concentrate on my main
Erm i am.on a super laggy hp and samsuck tab s2

Its usually v useful if u have to shave the ppl u dislike.

Cos with 2 acc
Main is lvl 39 with 3 good machamp powered up

Bb acc lucky enough to have a 2252 m2 max at lvl 32 cp about 3600

Doing the 1 hit ko method
Start fire first
Ignite ppl who are keen to help u
( Some gyms at certain time will be a certain colour if u kmow what i mean)

Once blissey is down
U will see alot of helper to aid u
Even spoofer is less liao
Those residential gym sure will ppl come down their block to try to put

Its easier to take down
Those baby accs tt u see are usually not sd rich like bro twmilktea

For my baby acc because got go plus modified ( helps to spin and catch whatever pkm along the way)

Thou i dun use it farm aggressively
I just on background walk and cstxh and spin whatever availvle on weekends

When the right pkm tt u feel is worth powering up, just power up to aid u in gym battles

It will save u alot of time thou its tirring at times to make it lvl up

Just my 2 cents
slowpokie is online now