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It was a huge mistake to share my details with anonymous call and the next monent, my bank was credited 400. They demand 750 to be paid by due date. I knew it was a setup and i quickly request to pay them. They insisted for 2k until i threatened to make police report. Finally, they agreed to let me settle 750 but on the same day, they again asked for the remaining 1250. They then threatened to splash paint and hurt my family.

I am not sure how well our government can do to protect us but please please via this platform, dont give your details especially account no to stranger.
This story a bit ...... not full. With just your bank account and phone number, how the ah long threaten you ? Unless he has your address. Do you mean you give your address, bank account and phone number to a stranger ? (unless of course you are taking a loan, i dont see any reason why you will give all these details to anyone)
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