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Hi i need help. I got the same issue with the others.A sum of $400 was transfer to my posb acc yesterday by this UML. I took a loan, of $600 and this week was the last payment.Can someone please advise me ? I really do not know what to do and i read some of your reply, making a police report is useless. Few weeks ago, he keep on calling me to take up new loan from him and i keep on decline. But this has happen. I will be starting my course soon and will only work part time. How do i am going to clear this new loan?? Can someone please advise me or anyone who went thru this ordeal, share your experience please.
sorry to say but theres no solution.

and if u clear this new loan, it will send a signal to the UML that you are an easy catch and more money will transfer to you without your consent.

if u dont then prepare to face all the harrassments coming soon.
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