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Hi friends, I need some help and advise. Few months back, i went to respond some UML advertisement. And gave them my details to do a check. But i have not confirm with them that i wished to borrow. To my horror, its the start of my hell period. The ah longs actually transferred 800 to my bank account. There after, they say i needed to do deferment pf 250 before clearing. Every week they promise its the last and the last never come. Until one day, i decided to MIA on them, but to my horror, they spam call my mobile and even to my office. Then out of fear, i went to clear that loan. I thought thats the end, but no.They say i already promise to do a second monthly loan, and if i don't, i need to pay a 50% of the loan amount. And the initial amount wasn't transfer to me. They automatically transferred me 1000 without me knowing and say is the loan agreement and some system thing. Now they still using the deferment lies to bluff me and i am totally broke and no money. I really wish to start anew but cutting ties with them. But i am fearful that they would harress my family or call my office when i MIA again. I have already told them i have no money. But they don't seem to believe. I have made two police report but there wasn't any follow up by the police.

I am at my desperate moment. Could someone tell me what should i do to overcome this thing without them harassing my office number. I am fearful that my manager will know. Though my office is a highly security area with security guards area. Appreciate if you could advise me on this problem.

Thank you.
Hello! First of all, my advice to you is STOP PAYING THEM. The loan will never end. That's the point of this scam. The moment you accede to their demands, that's where they get you. Secondly, they won't come to your office. They know better. Based on what you have told me, and if you haven't said anything to cause them anger, you're most likely not worth them paying anyone to go anywhere to harass you. The most they will do is send you videos of their runners setting fires to some poor chap's house or other such scary videos (which I have been receiving but have yet to open because my heart is too small...)

Secondly, close your bank account immediately and report it to the police. If your bank account is still lying around and making transactions to them, you're most likely interfering with current police investigations and you might be implicated, as I was recently enlightened by a very angry IO at the police station.

Thirdly, lie low and ignore/block their calls and messages. I wish you all the best. Please PM me if you need more assurances.

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