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Damn sad + piss off.

Threw a pass at a Latio raid, 5 trainers... 3 of them keep running away. Wah lau. 5 persons for Latios ok what....

End up... now couldn't even fight. ZZZZ
I encounter exactly same situation as you. But my case, I can't find any physical person to persuade them to not get out. I think I have wasted at least 3 passes for this reason.
BTW, how many passes have you wasted since raid started? Waste as in throw pass, but cannot complete raid for whatever reasons. I think for me about 7 or 8. Once I was in the middle of a raid, full house, but NN servers started to act up and by the time they have fixed the problem, no more raid liao. There were a few times I threw pass thinking I can join the group, but just missed out, and then no one trainers for the next round. Of course if to count passes that were left unused because cannot find gym, it's easily a high 2 digit figures, I think.

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