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Hi guys, need some advice as I'm dabbling into NAS for the first time.

Looking for a system for my family to have a reliable of important documents and photos/videos, while maintaining privacy by allowing each user to have access to only their own files. Have the following questions so hopefully someone can help

1. DIY NAS from old PC (Intel G620, 4GB RAM) vs cheap NAS? My budget is $200 on top of the PC or just $400 if getting a NAS.

2. If getting a NAS, is the Synology 218J a good option? I'm attracted to it because of price and seems to fit my basic needs.

3. 2nd hand NAS off marketplace/Carousell, would I expect any issues?

4. Lastly, what HDDs do you guys usually use for NAS in SG? I'm looking to have 2tb of storage.

Appreciate any help I can get
1. If data is important to you, you should think how to retrieve your data should your DIY NAS gone down.

2. Yes, DS218J is a good start. But don't expect write speed of 100Mb/s

3. Yes and no, depending on your luck.

4. I use 4x 2TB Toshiba 7200rpm HDD from Tradepac.

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