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Today saw 2 gyms side by side level 5 eggs separated by 15 Min just nice cracked an egg and hooted both gyms. The bird at the red gym was super active , first time I saw triple attack from blue bird wasted so many precious balls, already started with only 10, of course it fled. The next one blue gym got kicked out once as I read Jann post so I walked back to my car, luckily re-join still managed to get 12 ball and caught another tier 2. Anyway scored 80k XP ...not bad for half an hour job.
only lugia "double attack" will make u unable to hit it.. regardless how late or early u release the ball.

the rest of the raid boss... as long u time n throw swee swee.. everyball sure can hit the boss... there wont have any "lugia" effect..
I am very sure.. u launch ur ball too late.. try to throw earlier next time.
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