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ill say the 3k stardust for finishing a raid.. is very welcome.. infact they should make it perm..

becos if u hoot alot of raid.. the 3k sd.. really adds up fast.
if egg close to each other u hoot.. with star pcs.. is 4500 sd each raid.. (machiam do 1 raid = hatch a 10km egg).. sort of.

like that .. those who dont like to catch..but only like to choing raids.. can get their SD from raid .. n power up the legendary raid boss at the same time..

500 SD per raid.. is really no feel.. (of cos.. its better than before.. before was zero).. Since i do multiple raid sometimes.. I will really miss the 3k SD reward...
Wow I should have thrown a star piece too ... thanks . If there is one today I will try ... tomorrow onwards business trip only left today to try
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