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Hi, see my other thread where I experienced the 'check hybrid system' message last weekend.

Car is approx 7+ years old, around 110k km on the meter. When I bought the car 2.5 years ago (second hand) I was getting around 700km on a full tank (40L tank). It has slowly declined and recently getting around 600km only.

Driving is 70 city/30 highway.

Prior to the last incident, I've noticed a loss of power: when you step on the gas, there's a slight lag and then it seems to kick in after a while. Also, the engine starts up more often to charge the battery, which dips to 1 bar more frequently (when I first got the car, it was almost always at 2 bars, then the engine would kick in to charge it back up).

I guess since I got the car at 5 years old, the battery has declined slightly over the past 2 years, but more evident the last 3-6 months.

I'm getting a battery replacement as it's under warranty from Borneo.
Hi, by any chance you know the price to change prius hybrid battery at 3rd party workshop?
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