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Thought I share an interesting thing I stumbled on the net and tried out.

My entire family of 5 uses Macs with some dual booting into Windows and I have loads of important VMs. NAS is already almost 4TB filled and need to find a way of backing up the NAS fully encrypted to the cloud. Was using Crashplan(until they cancelled it) then tried Wasabi backup and although not bad and cheap just doesn't feel that right.

Someone mentioned about Google Drive via the G Suite Business plan. US$10/mth for 1 TB of space BUT Google don't enforce the volume cap. Long story short, been on it for the last 3 days and already over 1TB backed up in under 48 hours! Blazing fast compared to anything I've ever tried and it's Google so I know they won't close shop tomorrow. Currently am at 1.2 TB already and will sign up for it when trial ends in 11 days time.

Now I have peace of mind that my 3-2-1 backup plan is securely in place.
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