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Okay, I think I haven't made myself clear.


The harassment has no correlation to the amount of money you return. Your willingness to return does. And right now, you're demonstrating this to them. Someone said earlier on this forum that they don't care about getting 400$ out of a 200$ loan. What they want is to get 10,000$ from a 200$ loan. It's not about the amount of money. It's about the price you have put on your fear.

I suspect they've gone missing now because they will come back to you later this evening to say, oh you need to defer, can't close your account because this, that and the other. The whole thing is a scam. There is no contract and your "account" will never "close".

Second thing, if you pay them back, the money is simply going to another debtor's bank account. This makes you a potential criminal and interferes with existing investigations.

I'm sure the police must have told you to block and don't pay anymore, so just stick to those instructions.

This is what my IO told me to do

1. Ask the bank reverse the transaction and close account
2. If number 1 can't, ask the bank to provide sender's account
3. If 1 and 2 can't then wait for loanshark contact you and transfer initial fund to them. After transferring the initial amount cease all contacts with them.

Right now the UML MIA. Maybe kena caught already
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