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This is what my IO told me to do

1. Ask the bank reverse the transaction and close account
2. If number 1 can't, ask the bank to provide sender's account
3. If 1 and 2 can't then wait for loanshark contact you and transfer initial fund to them. After transferring the initial amount cease all contacts with them.

Right now the UML MIA. Maybe kena caught already
My IO told me to cease all banking activity and communication.

Can you ask your IO why there is a need for step 1? I asked my bank to do the same as well. As far as I understand, banks will take 3-4 weeks to reverse a transaction (at the low, low cost of 10$!), and this depends on the outcome of their investigations. They also require the third party's confirmation. When I told them I have reason to believe my third party is involved in criminal activity and that I made a police report, they told me the exact same thing. I gather they don't have explicit mandate to carry out any additional snooping around apart from just providing technical assistance to you. When I went to close my account, I also asked in passing how banks assist authorities in criminal investigations and the counter lady told me there is a specific department that deals with that. She didn't elaborate.

Step 2, I really doubt the bank will give you sender remittance information on the phone. They're not allowed to do that, it's a breach of confidentiality. You can try, but I think would be easier to simply ask the UML which account number he wants you to send to and then report that account to the police. Again, this account might be a debtor account also, that's why you need to close your account in case someone else reports yours.

I made a final transfer to a bank account which I reported to the police and based on what transpired between us after, I have a feeling that UMLs have just about as much knowledge about how banking procedures work as the rest of us. Which is not much.

Also, FYI, if you transfer money via iBanking, your full name shows up on the recipient's statement. Do what you will with this info.

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