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Sorry to disappoint guys. I gave up and made the payment of $500 to them. When I making payment the UML pester me to buy 4D with them $20 else he would harass my office. I transferred $500. I let him know and then I blocked him. Changed my number, close bank account. Have alerted my office also. Rlly rlly stupid of me to have enquired. Beware guys. I got into this mess cz my hand itchy I went to search on carousell
Its not the end.

1) You will receive numerous loan offers from different numbers.

2) You block him ? He can still use private number to call you or your office/NOK

3) You have been categorize as easy catch.

UML 1 : Yoz, got one stupid timid fish kena hooked. Transfer her $250 get back $500. Tonight lets go KTV !!!

UML 2 : Wah .... share leh

UML 3 : Mai sell fish leh ... share, i very hungry... KNN today my side 3 debtors MIA !!

UML 4 : NPNT !!
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