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Happen to me also.i asked if they could stop any transaction coming in but they refused, even with police report in hand.
It's not they refused la. More like they can't. And they have every right not to. You think you who, come bearing police report only, they will stop everything they doing and help you?

Like I said, we're one of 50k people who WILLINGLY gave our personal details to criminals. Even when we've been told not to. (Yesterday I passed by the lift lobby of my neighbouring block and saw the avoid ah long poster on the wall. If they had put this on MY block, I won't be in this sorry state. Just saying.) I keep seeing people moaning about SPF not doing anything la, banks not helping them la, et cetera. Help yourselves. Stop transferring money. Close bank account. Patrol your own flat if you have to. This thing has been going on forever because it is a scam that works brilliantly. It makes you the victim AND the accomplice. Of course it won't be eradicated overnight, there is obviously still a demand, as evident by this very forum. So quit whining about everyone else not helping us and OWN OUR OWN PROBLEMS.

By the way, I patrolled my own flat for the first few nights when I defaulted. Slept at the staircase with a tire iron in my hand. Strongly advise against it. First, it's very uncomfortable and tiring and second, it makes you look like suspicious one.

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