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hi me also same, I borrow 600$ need for 6day need to pay 850$, on day I want to settle all they asked me to pay defer 250$ since I didnot infrom them one day earlier for clear full payment. I pay 250$, then next morning I asking they account number to clear all payment 850$. they did not replied my whatapp & did not answer my phone. then got new number call me and whatapps me account number for transfer. so I transfer 850$.now I dont know they will asked me again for money or how, im so scary, I plan want to change my account number and my phone number. since they only hace my spass and house address. what I need to do? can I know how u settle this?
OMG! I kena same thing too! Could it be the same piece of ****? What's his/her name?

As I have said like A MILLION TIMES before this, report police, close bank account, block them and chill.
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