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hi sharuu,

izit u also same like me??? izit that scam contact u again after do finish clear full? because on my case the one I asking for acc number for transfer full payment, did not replied my whatapps or pickup my call even he was online thru whataaps.

then got one new number give me whatapps, then I call they ask me to transfer money to their account. then I just transfer today around 4pm. but until now, the one suppose dealing with me not give any feedback or replies my whatapps.

so ok u case what you do? can u infrom me? coz im alone in sg. im malaysian, but working and stay at sg. but I give my address rental now.
SALAM SATU MALAYSIA! Which part are you from? Congratulations/commiserations on the recent elections!

I did exactly what I said earlier, which was report police, close bank account, block them and chill. Forgot to add STOP TRANSFERRING MONEY.

Now you just get ready for harassment on phone and to your next of kins. The last time they tried to contact me was about a week ago and since then, a grand total of ZERO things have happened to mine/my neighbours' front doors. But I've prepared everyone just in case.

I'm starting to think that they're a bunch of gas bags. I'm quite disappointed. I'm sorry our ah longs are not as gangster as yours.
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