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Do u use a generalist team of all dragonite or tyra? Or do u plan your team to fit the sequence? Have u tried lugia on hariyama?

I dunno what to power up now. Those legendaries above iv 90 power up Liao. Should I power up those iv 89? Which of those legendaries useful to power up more than 1?

Lugia Attack not very strong. It is a tanky kind of attacker somewhat like lapras kind. I seldom use lugia.

For pure water attacker kyogre rules over vap gyarados milotic whatever. Suicune dun bother.

Slaking for pokedex. Milotic gardevoir salamence are good but not extremely ground breaking like what dragonite and tyranitar were to their generation largely because there are better options especially with the presence of legendaries.

Milotic got overshadowed by kyogre
Salamence overshadowed by dragonite and rayquaza
Gardevoir ok no better fairy replacement but fairy isnít that much of a strong presence and lacks a fairy fast move to do more dps damage

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