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My own gym team:
Lvl 30 fb mewtwo
Max rayquaza
Max kyogre
Max groudon
Max raikou
Max articuno

Mewtwo not Max because only 87%. Others 96-98.
Plan to add in a max latios next time. Also I got moltres standby but seldom need to use fire

Fb mewtwo decent alterative to machamp
Kyogre can be useful against tyranitar
Groudon and rayquaza are good generalist
Articuno useful for countering dragonite

I do have dragonites and tyranitars, a few maxed out some left at level 30

If I dun max out a Pokémon I might have enough stardust or candies to power up 3 lvl 30 but I felt in the Long term there are more powerful options in future gen and I like big numbers so I will try to max out my highest iv for each legendary that have offensive potential. Only lugia Hooh mewtwo I have not max. In mewtwo case because my iv only 87. Lugia and Hooh not the strongest because of stats and moveset respectively. Suicune and the upcoming Regis trio dun bother. Latias I might power up but won’t max. Plan to max my best latios though.

Do u use a generalist team of all dragonite or tyra? Or do u plan your team to fit the sequence? Have u tried lugia on hariyama?

I dunno what to power up now. Those legendaries above iv 90 power up Liao. Should I power up those iv 89? Which of those legendaries useful to power up more than 1?
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