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Recently made the mistake of sending my ic and bank acc to enquire. After that I regretted and said I do not need to borrow any more. The next day UML transfer 250 without me knowing. Say 5 days later return 500. Wanted to quietly settle so 5 days later transfer 500 back. After that said cannot 1 shot transfer all, say must 150,150 transfer. Now already transfer 3rd time hoping to settle quietly. Then last few days another 2nd UML ask me to take loan which I politely rejected. Now I'm afraid he will do the same thing and transfer amount himself to my acc. After reading thru feels like im getting scam, What should I do and really don't want to pay anymore as for 250 paying back close to 1000 already ? What will happen if i MIA? Will they come my house my office?
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