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met a couple near/in the area v friendly couple

when we attacking a particular gyms,
cos me X 2, aunty and uncle plus their son acc take up 5 slot liao
they are v gracious, so the wife of the couple slot in to make it 6

they have the resources to take down gym,have max blissey/chansey/ max tyran and d9, so let alone a team of max machamp

but due to the area of gym hoggers, they dare not/ do not wanna fight gym due to those gym hoggers

as they have alot of potions, they just wanna clear and fight, those gyms hoggers started calling their friends/kaki all come down to feed andSTARE at them right at the spot they are slowling fighting gym

i really cant stand these gyms hogger and bully tt i always wanna shave them off and put a useless mon ( not for the coins but more of the slot taken up)

the reason why the husband of the couple din really mind slotting in is because the couple buy coins ( ihe showed me 13k coins !!! )

end of ranting , i hope those with multi acc/ kids acc

give some chance for those who just wanna get some coins or gold badge, i do hog gyms ( but only 8 hours 20 mins and i let go, its for the coins, sometimes when i full liao plus if the gyms i gold, i take down but i dun put, give other pax a chance to put )
perhaps tts the reason this 2 days the gyms tt i put not taken down, lasted till 5 am)

sorry for the long post
end of ranting
I feel you bro
This is human greed at its best...boh limit Najib

Personally, I like to gym. It provides the exitement of rushing to bring down the gym in time, so I dont mind pple defending cos its part of the fun
But what I dislike abt this gym mechanics is that it oso brings out the ugliness of pple...shaving, gym hogging, changing shift, etc......why lidat
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