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should I ignore? but they have my landlords address, should I infrom my landlords reg this issue? u think they will come to my house to harassment? this ah long name andy!I inform him im pay already, but he want today the payment then he said he ahlong, if I not pay today he threatened he will do anything. u guys think he will come to my house? looking for me? since he do group whatapps me anf my kind (my supervisor), can u give me advise, what I need to do now?
Why did you put your supervisor as your next of kin?

Just ignore, report police (if you haven't) and close bank account. It's true, this kind say only. I also still waiting for him to come my house.

When my next of kins got harassed and asked me about it, I denied even dealing with loansharks, just said my IC got stolen and stuck with that story.

So just chill and STOP PAYING THEM.

All the best.
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