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Bro, thanks for info, I forgot Feb dont hv SBF, it was using another term(ROF), balance of SBF leftover, lol. I am not complaining, just want to do a simple math to find out why take so long to process the selection!
For example if take 1 hr to finished selection of unit then 8hrs will be 8X1, multiply by the number of officers on duty(e.g 10), the result is 80 ppl per day, if times by 3 mths then HDB can clear 7200 ppl in the queue. That why I dont understand why take so long, may be my calculation is not correct but it already more than 6 mths from Nov 2017 SBF?
Well, the actual unit selection only started late march/early April for this SoBF since we only got ballot results in early Feb. Unit selection can take less than 30 mins if you know what you want before going. Anyway, lots of variables lol
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