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now the ahlong kept whatapps me using different number threatened me and asked me to clear payment today. so they will closed all cases? should I pay or just ignore. I will do police report tommorow, then I will closed my acc bank also tommorow. tommorow also I will explained all this to my supervisor and my landlords. now what worried me, if the ahlong looking for me, what I need to do? im really afraid, somemore in women and no relative at sg. the ahlong kept infrom me I did not do payment, because during the payment day he call me using different number to do transaction and he kept repeating that he nver call me during the payment day. he only got my picture, my landlord adrrsss and work permit. he also warning me he is andy loanshark in sg.
Again, there is no such thing as "closing" your "account". The point is the account never closes as long as you are paying money. So ignore and stop paying them.

It's very unlikely that will do any physical harm to you, most of them operate outside of Singapore and they only instruct their army of wayward secondary school wannabe gangsters to do their dirty work for them. Their MO is to humiliate you and instil fear because they have your personal info. This is how scammers work. Help yourself and STOP PAYING THEM.

Everything they tell you is lies so that you will continue paying. The "confirmation message", the deferment, the "never got the money", all these are lies.

Lastly, you think he so much time to come look for you is it...?

Just lie low for a bit, I know it can be terrifying at first, but once you clear your head, you'll realize that there's not much they can do to you apart from threats and humiliation.

Take care.

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