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I just received group message with my kin(my supervisor) he also mention I did not pay the money and threatened me. actuall on my case I pay already. I borrow 600, for 6days. I want clear all on next 6days then they infrom me must infrom one day earlier to clear all, so during that day they asked me to to pay defer 250. so I infrom tommorow I will clear all, then next day I asking for acc number they never replied me then I received call they give me acc number so I do clear all payment. after that they just quiet.until just now, they do group whatapps, with me and my supervisor infrom I did not pay, then wht blocked his number. so my supervisor just call me reg this issue, so I infrom all I pay already, she asked me to settle this before 1week, if not management will send me resign letter. im so frustrated. why this loanshark so cruel? want I need to do ? because of this I need to resign and back to my country. its not fair. im very stress and down.
These ******* are so cruel. They really make ur life hell. I rather you resign from that workplace.u are a nurse and can find a new job easily. Sg need nurses.
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