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Hi everyone. This happened to me today..😭😭 one ahlong tell me cannot pay full amount must defer, i paid him 3 times defer, he suddenly wats app and say must take another loan from him. Then he transfer money to my acct, a few hrs later another ahlong msg says my new loan is under him, today i want to make full payment of 1k total to them, they say cannot must defer, then 2 hrs later ask me to call them, he say u want to pay full right pay 2k today, i say la full payment is $500 how come become 2k, he say must defer 7 times then can pay $500. Then i stupidly go pay the defer fee, he msg say my head say u late, must pay another $200 now, bloody fuc*** !!! I msg back n tell him i report police now, he say lol n say ok my head say this time he excuse me. Next time no more. I m freaking stress out, i take loans to cover this idiots.. Haiyah.. Now i really dunno what to do, i worry about my kids... 😭😭😭 i can't speak to my spouse, he surely leave me one.. To a point i just feel like killing myself.. 😭😭😭😭
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